The Top Five Differences You Should Know about IGCSE and GCSE


What is Cambridge’s IGCSE?

The truncation IGCSE represents the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. Basically, the same as GCSE, the IGCSE’s educational plan is intended to take care of worldwide understudies who wish to take a Cambridge UK educational program.

The IGCSE confirms understudies to additional seek college-level grades like eleventh and twelfth either in A-levels or the IB confirmation. The IGCSE is accessible in a wide range of nations overall and essentially takes special care of offspring of ex-taps who live there for work or business.

The IGCSE educational plan is educated at Campus k school located in Chennai and is viewed as one of the most outstanding IGCSE schools in Sholinganallur and the most hearty educational programs for kids from kindergarten to Grade 7.

What is GCSE?

GCSE represents the General Certificate of Secondary Education and is taken up for the most part by understudies from the UK after their 11 years of mandatory training in school. GCSE is likewise accessible in a few worldwide schools in certain nations.

Nonetheless, IGCSE is transcendently utilized as the standard Cambridge educational program in most global schools.

What are the Differences Between IGCSE and GCSE?

However, both the IGCSE and the GCSE are basically the same concerning capability for secondary school understudies and are acknowledged everywhere, there are a couple of inconspicuous contrasts that might end up being useful to you to sort out and pick what considers fit for you. The GCSE course educational plan takes special care of nearby UK understudies and global understudies while the IGCSE is obviously intended for worldwide understudies who don’t communicate in English as a first language.

The difference between IGCSE & GCSE may interest UK families. The primary distinction between the two is that the IGCSE sets the educational program in a more global setting. This is why it is possible to, for example when studying Geography GCSE students will practice the ability to map in the light of UK maps. The guides could be utilized from the neighboring countries in IGCSE. The IGCSE similarly offers a greater extent of subjects, particularly languages. As referred to above, this is to be basically essentially as versatile as possible to different overall settings.

Another differentiation is that the GCSE has a vital good judgment coursework part, which moreover incorporates the last trial of the year. In the IGCSE this coursework part is optional. This implies that in certain countries or locations there could be difficulties in conducting laboratory tests or taking practical work trips.

Differences Between Cambridge’s IGCSE and GCSE Curriculum

Course Curriculum

The IGCSE worldwide educational plan is planned explicitly for global understudies and is customized to the requirements of youngsters who are non-local English clients.

However, the subjects are remarkable the same, in the GCSE educational program, there might be a couple of points and illustrations that can be somewhat more serious, particularly in the English language subject. Certain subjects like history and geology which fall under Humanities might incorporate various themes when contrasted with that of IGCSE.

Accessibility of the Curriculum

The GCSE is generally accessible in a couple of nations separated from the actual UK. Notwithstanding, the IGCSE is accessible in excess of 150 nations overall in top global and tuition-based schools.

As far as adaptability, IGCSE has a high ground as it very well may be sought after any place on the planet because of its extensive variety of accessibility.

Test Dates

The yearly GCSE tests are directed in the long stretch of May-June and the understudies can sit for a re-test in the period of November.

In the IGCSE, the tests are to be sat in May-June for most of the subjects, and furthermore in November for a couple of different subjects. This can be favorable as understudies get an additional chance to get ready for their specific subjects.

Subjects Offered

However, the subjects presented in both IGCSE and GCSE are something similar, GCSE has a couple of additional choices to browse with subjects like dance, space science, hardware, measurements, and so forth. Having said that, IGCSE subjects are customized to the necessities of global understudies explicitly.

Distance Studies

IGCSE can be a superior choice when an understudy is settling on distance learning. This is because of the way that a GCSE educational program incorporates a ton of functional coursework which can be a test for understudies who take up distance learning techniques in GCSE.

Would it be a good idea for me to Choose IGCSE or GCSE?

In the event that you have a choice of picking any of these two subjects, there truly isn’t a lot of distinction, as they are both globally acknowledged educational programs and are outlined with a similar sort of obviously educational plan.

Nonetheless, on the off chance that you feel that your folks might have adaptable positions which might prompt you to change schools more regularly, you can decide on the IGCSE as it is accessible in many nations abroad.

Top Class Technology and Facilities in International Schools

Independent of whichever educational program you pick, a worldwide school will give you the ideal chance to seek after it alongside leveling up different abilities and side interests that are unforgettable to you. Taking into account that these schools have the most recent mechanical devices inside their study halls and labs, it could give you that additional edge and assist you with getting your ideas all the more actually.


There were very few distinctions and likenesses between the IGCSE and the GCSE in the educational plan. To repeat, they are very comparable with the exception of the way that they have a couple of contrasts as far as the number of nations the educational plan is made accessible all over the planet and the yearly assessment timings.

You can have the confidence that both of these educational programs are similarly acknowledged well all around the world and are thought of as the absolute best educational plans in the world.