How to Prepare for CAT 2021 Exam Online

Prepare for CAT 2021 Exam Online

The most effective preparation method for CAT 2021 is a prominent inquiry for competitors who attempt this entrance exam. CAT is an ability evaluating test for MBA affirmation across various B-schools that includes the IIMs. This exam is a three-hour paper held every year in an online computer-based mode. The total number of candidates who apply for this entrance exam crosses 2-lakh each year. Therefore, candidates should start preparing for this exam at least a year before showing up for the test.

A candidate can opt for coaching or self-study to prepare for CAT 2021. Whichever mode a candidate chooses, it is important to read thoroughly and understand the concept. Let us discuss how a candidate can prepare for the CAT 2021 exam section wise:

Preparing for the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) section of the CAT 2021 exam

VARC has three parts, vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension.

Vocabulary includes antonyms, synonyms, analogies, spellings, odd words, frequently confounded words, sentence consummation, and cloze tests. To excel in this section, you need to mix vocabulary information, understanding abilities, and thinking powers. Vocabulary information isn’t simply knowing what a word means but knowing how the term is implied in a sentence. Therefore, it is essential to comprehend a word through historical background – understanding its root implications.

Grammar: There are two ways to solve the grammar-based questions – one is getting familiar with the different parts of speech and their uses and the applicable rules or practising the sort of questions that are probable to come. It is good to practice the common errors that happen during sentence fragmentation. Familiarity with the question types and a good amount of practice helps score good marks.

Developing the habit of reading can help a candidate to master reading Comprehension. You can start with simple fiction, papers, and web journals. Reading diverse and comfort zone topics will help more.

How to Prepare for DILR section of CAT 2021

The weightage of DILR in a CAT test is generally 1/sixth of the test paper.

The precarious part about DILR is that there is no formula to solve it. It is rationale-based and requires some measure of calculation. Preparing DILR is understanding the topics rather than just memorizing.

Mental computation is the key here. To reinforce your strength on DILR, avoid using the calculator and utilize your mind. A candidate can master the DILR part with practice; the more you practice, the faster you will accomplish precision.

The primary key to excelling in this section of CAT is to get the basics right. It is essential to clear your concepts. Start learning the ideas that can help you save time while attempting the questions. Once your concepts are clear, start trying as many questions as possible. Start by attempting easy questions first, and then move on to the difficult ones.

Preparing for Quantitative Aptitude of CAT 2021

The Quantitative Aptitude segment of CAT 2021 incorporates Arithmetic, Algebra, Advance Mathematics, and Geometry; and compensates for the 1/third of the question paper.

There could be no alternate method of scoring excellently in this segment except for being careful with every section. When the concepts are clear and precise, it will help save time in attempting the QA questions of CAT 2021.

A critical part of CAT 2021 exam preparation is tackling test questions and online mock tests. In addition, the applicants should ensure that they practice around 35-40 mock tests during their preparation time.

Alongside test papers and mock tests, the applicants should likewise tackle CAT question papers of essentially the most recent five years. It will give them an idea of question paper design, trouble level of questions, sorts of questions, and checking or marking type.

Whichever model you pick, you’d need to give six to eight hours to concentrate every day. Revising the formulas and concepts is essential till the test day.